LIBERA - hand painted
LIBERA - hand painted
LIBERA - hand painted

LIBERA - hand painted

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LIBERA is part of the exclusive capsule collection of limited edition hand-painted sneakers signed BRILLO x NiS. The sneakers are inspired by Impressionism, free from any imposition typical of academic painting and where each artist represents reality not as it is, but as it is perceived by his eye in the moment of the realization of the work. LIBERA is designed for the woman untied from any scheme and free from any conditioning. 

The idea of the project comes from the desire to combine in a product of excellence ART and FASHION with the creative complicity of a young designer from Milan, Annalena Biotti, selected and discovered by BRILLO MAGAZINE, an independent Italian magazine dedicated to the promotion of illustrators and new artists from around the world.

"We wondered what some artistic currents would look like if they were real women... And that's how we imagined the personality of every single one of our sneakers, giving them a name that would faithfully reflect on one hand the characteristic trait of the current and personify on the other hand the character of the women."

-Patrizia De Nardi, founder of BRILLO and Irene Cavallin, owner of NiS

This item is handcrafted and hand painted: it is recommended to treat it with care, not to get it wet and not to expose it to sources of moisture and heat. Any imperfections, streaks or differences in color on the various parts of the shoe or between one shoe and another, do not constitute a defect, but rather qualities and distinctive characteristics of this product.

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