To preserve the quality of your shoes we recommend:

Cleaning with a damp cloth and avoid chemical solvents.

Dry carefully, but away from a direct source of heat, as it can seriously damage the shoe.

In case the fur gets wet from rain or snow don't brush it but just shake it leaving it to dry away from heat sources.

In putting the shoes away, it is recommended to stuff the tip with tissue-paper and use a cardboard as bootleg support, and finally to provide to the complete lacing/fastening.

All these precautions will preserve the shape of the boot that will be ready and perfect for the next use.

New Italia Shoes S.r.l. does not assume any responsibility in case of improper use of the shoes.

Possible imperfections, streaks and hue variations on different parts of the shoe or between one shoe and another, should not be considered defects, but peculiarity of a top quality leather.

Fur is relatively resilient to wear but, may eventually bald slightly from abrasion. A small amount of shedding may occur with use.

Care should be taken while wearing and lacing.

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